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Rough weekend and renewed strategies….

The biggest pitfall in dieting is planning ahead. I realized that this weekend when we found ourselves on the road with few food options. Though I tried to make good choices, I didn’t do as well as I would have liked. Packing some healthy snacks in the car would have been ideal. I’ve now put a box in the car with bottled waters, some raw nuts and some dried fruits as a means to tide me over should this happen again. I’m looking forward to grocery shopping when I can really change the makeup of what we have in the house. 

Weight loss so far? Zero! Exercise? Somewhat minimal unless you count gardening. I did spent two hours tilling garden beds, pulling weeds and hauling soil. So, it’s a start. Everything is in baby steps right now. Household chores can be part of my “keeping busy” strategy. Garage clean up is planned for this week along with more garden chores and cleaning along with plenty on the family calendar. 

Let’s hope I can get some before photos and some better planning these next few days! 


Another day, another chance to improve…

Yesterday I had an almost perfect eating day. I was careful about portions and made sure to keep busy with chores and the baby.  Staying out of the kitchen is so much harder in an open floor plan house. Our home is centered around the very large kitchen and it is our hub for homework, projects, etc. I have found that by putting some of the foods I should be eating right at eye level I’m more aware of what I shouldn’t be eating. 

Today is another opportunity to avoid overeating, stay active and drink plenty of water. Though I don’t have access to a gym and my son doesn’t always make it easy to workout, scrubbing showers and toilets with a vengeance can be quite a good arm workout. Today it’s scrubbing, mopping, polishing, dusting and…. windows! Yuck!